Respond. Adapt. Action.


                                                    " Throughout the living world,   the creativity of life expresses itself through the process of emergence." 

                                              Fritjof Capra

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                                        Mindful Systems Thinking                                          Leadership and Ecosystem


emergentz℠  is a mindful systems thinking advisory practice and ecosystem. 

We are in the era of emergence with nature as disrupter and teacher.

emergentz℠  was originally envisioned with the intention to help individuals and organizations navigate complexity and create a new future through a systems approach.  That remains our mission.


When launched several years ago the world was a different one than it is now. One example: our on-line modules seemed an anomaly to many. 


What emerges next is up to us. As individuals. As organizations. As societies.

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine
Changing the narrative of capitalism and its relationship with the natural world.

Consultative and facilitative modules help  individuals and enterprises  adapt to the present and  create the future enterprise system. 


Modules are offered one-to-one or in cohorts. They are provided  in-person and on-line.

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Respond. Adapt. Action.


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