emergentz℠ iis a mindful systems thinking strategy, leadership advisory practice and ecosystem with an emphasis on:


Thought leadership.

  • Organizational, capital & leadership culture

  • Connected learning, innovation & transactions ​

  • ​Mindful systems thinking leadership 

Emerging ideas and technologies.

  • Intellectual property

  • Natural resources

  • Economic development     

  • Entrepreneurial initiatives 

" Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise 

  out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions."           



emergentz™ is a reinforcing network of mindful leadership, decision-making and transactions.                                             

This is achieved through thoughtful connection of leadership, solutions and transactions. 

One way we help facilitate this is through our one-to-one and cohort action modules.     

emergentz℠ is part of                The Rendle Company ecosystem.
Respond. Adapt. Action.


155 Fleet Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801



24 Greville Street

London EC1N 8SS