Emergent Capitalism

Changing the capitalism narrative

and its relationship with the natural world.

We have been in a relationship with the planet which lacks reciprocity on the part of us humans.  The time has come when that imbalance in relationship is in an urgent need of re-calibration.  Capitalism is at the core of this re-calibration.


The capitalist system needs disruption, a re-connection to nature and people, an emergent model of capitalism. Such a transformed, bottom-up and generative system of capitalism is one where we all belong, benefit and co-create wealth.


A bottom up practice of capitalism is not new or profound. We need only go back decades, not centuries, to rediscover and put them into practice through a modern-day approach, leadership, technologies and capital structure. This would be a process of rediscovering practices of capitalism in a present-day form that have successfully built businesses, communities and societies in the past. 

We call this emergent capitalism.

What can be done?

We have created The Acadia Initiative the change the capitalism narrative – and broaden the purpose.


The goal: change the narrative of capitalism. One story at a time. Stories of purpose convened through common organizing principles.

The Acadia Initiative will curate, connect and convene

  • Thoughtful Leadership

  • Meaningful Technologies

  • Proactive Capital

for purpose, solutions and profits. 

  • Water

  • Food

  • Clean Energy

  • Forest Economy

  • Climate Change


A Systems Approach



The purpose of The Acadia Initiative is to help change the narrative – and broaden the purpose –  capitalism from the bottom-up.


We will do this by focusing on market-based systems solutions of these global resource demands and urgencies:


  • Water

  • Food

  • Clean energy

  • Forest-based economy

  • Climate change




Problem-solving wealth creation through mindful systems thinking and integration of:

  • Thoughtful leadership

  • Holistic dialogue

  • Generative human and natural resources

  • Meaningful technology solutions

  • Proactive capital

  • Bottom-up systems

  • Distributed, generative and disruptive capitalism


To inform and inspire conscious and transformative thinking, actions and results at the intersection of capital, business, technology and nature.

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