Emergent Capitalism

Changing the capitalism narrative

and its relationship with the natural world.

We have been in a relationship with the planet which lacks reciprocity on the part of us humans.  The time has come when that imbalance in relationship is in an urgent need of re-calibration.  Capitalism is at the core of this re-calibration.


The capitalist system needs disruption, a re-connection to nature and people, an emergent model of capitalism. Such a transformed, bottom-up and generative system of capitalism is one where we all belong, benefit and co-create wealth.


A bottom up practice of capitalism is not new or profound. We need only go back decades, not centuries, to rediscover and put them into practice through a modern-day approach, leadership, technologies and capital structure. This would be a process of rediscovering practices of capitalism in a present-day form that have successfully built businesses, communities and societies in the past. 

We call this emergent capitalism.  The Acadia Initiative has been created to address this need.

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