One-to-One Modules

emergentz℠ offers these consultative and facilitative modules on a one-to-one basis to enterprise leaders and entrepreneurs.

•  Modules are structured for 3, 6 or 12 months.


•  They are offered on-line and/or in-person.                                                             

•  Some one-to-one modules include one or two-day in-person scoping            intensives.

•  One-to-one modules can also be tailored to a client's unique needs,   

    objectives and time parameters.

Contact us  to learn more about        emergentz℠  one-to-one modules. 

Addressing          Critical Truths

Do you have a "back burner" of issues, a vision or critical truth that may be a key to your future and your enterprise that you delay addressing year after year?

Brad Rendle and emergentz℠ network affiliates work one-on-one with enterprise leaders to identify, craft and execute on those enterprise level thought leadership matters and vision. 

We help take them off the "back burner" and put them into action.

Ecosystem Strategy &      Management 

The concept of a business ecosystem has become a PowerPoint cliche in recent years. However, have you and your organization ever drilled down to actually identify and manage an intentional ecosystem for your organization?

emergentz℠  principal Brad Rendle has been developing ecosystem models for nearly two decades. emergentz℠ is a systems thinking global ecosystem.


He and the emergentz℠  network work with enterprise leaders and their team to design, develop and manage intentional and value added enterprise ecosystems.

Entrepreneur Support

Trans-Atlantic Strategy & Representation

emergentz℠  principal, Brad Rendle, has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Four generations in fact. He has worked with entrepreneurs and venture creation for over 20 years.

And while he has taught graduate level entrepreneurship, he believes entrepreneurs are enabled not taught.

Brad works with entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis to develop their vision, business and leadership skills.

Brad Rendle, emergentz℠  principal, has assisted companies "go from here to there" (US to UK and UK to US) on a one-on-one base for nearly two decades.  


Having lived in London for 15 years, and dual US-UK citizen, his hands-on knowledge is a valuable asset to companies crossing the pond.

Brad and the emergentz℠  network provide a strategic trans-Atlantic business development service.

Conference Strategy & Representation

Interim Leadership

Conferences are time consuming for enterprise leadership.  In particular, for conferences outside the core business that may well possess knowledge and insights for the future.

emergentz℠ addresses this need with a customized strategic conference representation and knowledge service for enterprise leadership.  


Brad Rendle and emergentz℠  subject experts provide customized networking and strategic knowledge aligned with leaders and their enterprise's vision, strategy and tactics.

emergentz℠  principal, Brad Rendle​ has sat in the chair of being a CEO and working with boards, bringing both an experienced and consultative perspective to leadership challenges and demands. 

As part of a consulting process he is available as a fractional CEO. He can also provide other interim leadership skills through the emergentz℠  network. 


emergentz℠ is part of                The Rendle Company ecosystem.
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